Complete Ant Control Services

Texas is famed far and wide for its fire ant populations, let alone the other types of ants that could be encroaching on your home. Let the pest specialists at Chief Pest Control help you with any ant problems you're having at home or at your business.

All Kinds of Ants

  • Fire ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • House ants
  • Red velvet ants
  • Other species of ant
  • FREE service estimates available

Get Rid of Persistent Pests

Ants can be difficult to get rid of because of their numbers and their tendency to create multiple nests throughout your property, which can make eliminating the queen difficult.
Our trained and licensed technicians use the most modern techniques and products to get your ant problem under control without terrible odors driving you out of your home. Call the Chief today for more information.
FREE estimates and FREE inspections.
Call us now.
Don't let ants ruin your picnic - call us today! Rely on our trained, licensed staff and 34 years of experience to get the job done right!
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