Fleas & Ticks

Thorough Flea and Tick Control Services

Are your furry friends bringing in unfriendly house guests from outside? Don't live with the irritations and potential hazards that fleas and ticks can introduce into your home. Protect your family and pets with flea and tick control services from the experts at Chief Pest Control.

Treating Multiple Areas

  • Interior - bedding areas, carpeting, furniture, etc.
  • Exterior - the perimeter of your home or business
  • Lawn and shrubs - all areas where pets may frequent
  • FREE service estimates available

Service You Can Count On

Fleas and ticks can cause problems beyond just simple pet care issues. Even if you treat your pets, if you don't eliminate the source of the problems, fleas and ticks will continue to infest your pets, your home, and even your family.
Let our fully licensed and trained exterminators start you off with a FREE service estimate and offer you options for keeping your home flea and tick free.
FREE estimates and FREE inspections.
Call us now.
Don't live with fleas and ticks! Put 34 years of professional service to work for you today. Don't suffer from pest problems; get in touch with us now!
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